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No-copyright music

No-copyright music: music from my YouTube channel

Here you can see some examples of the orchestral music and electronic music that can be found on my YouTube channel. These are not necessarily the most popular tracks, but it shows a wide variety of my work.

Largo (orchestral)

A largo is a slow and broad piece of music. In this largo there is no real melody, only a development of slow swells played by subtle woodwinds, and later also brass and strings.

Released: Jan 27, 2021

Rising Fires (orchestral)

A very heroic and epic sounding soundtrack. Tension keeps being held by the strings playing a quick ostinato, the 7/4 meter makes adds the heroic drive, and it all ends in a dreamy end.

Released: May 8, 2021

Into the Moss (orchestral)

This adventurous track has an abundance of lush strings and woodwinds, hence the association with forests. It could very well fit in a fantasy-setting. It's a good example of scenical music: it tells a musical story.

Released: Sep 5, 2020

Towers of Perseverance (orchestral)

A huge and epic piece with a leading role for the brass section. The opening melody is similar of the one in Jupiter by Gustav Holst. In the middle part there is a gentle canonic passage in the woodwinds, after which a buildup to a grand end begins.

Released: Jul 12, 2020

Eternal Sophistication (electronic)

In western culture it is usual to divide the octave in 12 equal parts when tuning an instrument. That is also the reason that a piano has 12 keys per octave. However, what happens if we divide the octave in, say, 31 parts? In this microtonal track you can hear the result.

Released: May 5, 2020

Electronic Foliage (electronic)

A jumpy electronic track filled with rhythm, warm synths and all kinds of delicious musical textures.

Released: Dec 26, 2019

The Olden Times (electronic)

Lastly, a bit of an older track, as you could tell from the older logo. I wanted to put this one here anyways because it's a nice example of when I was more into electronic music. Most of my music doesn't really neatly fit into a genre, but this track fits in the genre Trance, as it is an uplifting four to the floor with heavenly chords.

Released: Oct 31, 2018

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