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Thras: a huge fan made mod for Skyrim

The Thras mod will bring a huge map expansion to Skyrim in the form of a perilous but atmospheric island filled with traces of ancient cultures of the people that once lived there. The challenge for me as composer is mainly coming up with a musical identity for each culture, and referring to that identity when needed. This was also done for the original game, but there the music is all about only the Nords, with their weighty chants and their beautiful and fresh mountain environment.

Below some examples of the different Thrassian cultures, translated to music.

Theme of the Ancient Yokudan culture

Explore track in Ancient Yokudan context

Theme of the Maormer culture

Dungeon track in Maormer context (fragment)

Concept art on the right: Pillar of Thras by

Feb 8, 2020

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