Jules Schattenberg

Composing is something I have been doing since I was little. I always heard new music in my head as a little man, but I had no way of writing it down. When I started playing piano at age 5, I started trying to play the things I heard. I have been doing that ever since, which resulted in improvisation being my strong point. Many of my compositions originate from one or multiple improvisations at the organ, piano or in my head.
    Since age 16 I already knew for sure I wanted to go the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to study MT (Music & Technology). Luckily I finished high school first, because 16 is a bit too young to start at the HKU. Today I am still enjoying this wonderful university.
    Meanwhile I had been having pipe organ lessons and piano lessons from two wonderful and very competent organists, since age 7. They made my interest in pipe organ become a passion for life, while teaching me so many things about music that I have never learnt at the music university (as of yet). One of my teachers is a composer himself, who always knows some subtle but important improvements to my compositions.
    It wasn't until age 12 that I finally really found a way to record these findings, namely in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). At that age my interest had shifted in the EDM direction. In retrospect that was something good, because it allowed me to focus on learning the basics of music production (getting the sound right). It was a few years later, at age 15, that I started adding orchestral elements to my music and eventually making complete orchestral scores, like I do nowadays.

Composing for games and films

An ambition I also have since a young age, is writing for games and films. Those media never fail to inspire me. Just like I have been improvising my whole life, I've also been thinking about what music would best fit this particular stage/level or environment in a game, or this particular moment in a film. Over the years I have gotten experience with composing and producing for the game projects of my friends, and I have done so for various little film projects.